NOAHs vision

Do we want a world where might is right? Unfortunately, that’s the kind of world we have today. Human beings exploit other animals because they aren’t able to defend themselves against us. Human beings use their power for all it’s worth, and other animals are reduced to goods on a conveyor belt and means to the end of satisfying the desires of human beings.

A world without violence against our fellow creatures

But who would really answer yes to the question of whether they want animals to be killed for food production, or to suffer for the sake of research? Who would claim that death and suffering are goals in themselves? Many say that they dislike the fact that animals “have to” die or be hurt, and that they wish it didn’t “have to” be that way.

We don’t need to accept a world where violence against living creatures is an everyday occurrence. NOAH’s vision is that animals will not be kept in cramped cages and pens where they barely have enough room to turn around, but rather that they will have the freedom to live their lives according to their natural desires. Our vision is that animals will not be subjected to painful experiments or be trained through violence to obey human beings, but rather that they will have the opportunity to lead lives of freedom in their natural environments. Our vision is that animals will not be killed for the benefit of human beings, but that their lives will be seen as having intrinsic value for the animals themselves.

NOAH’s vision is of a world where animals are treated as living creatures of equal worth.

A world without battery chicken farms and slaughterhouses. Without animal research laboratories producing genetically modified animals. Without circus elephants chained up and fur farms with row upon row of cages. Without traditions such as bullfighting and shooting wild animals for sport and recreation. Without veterinarians routinely taking the lives of “pets” that someone’s got bored of. Without cows chained to stalls and horses that are slaughtered because they don’t run fast enough. A world without abuse.

Isn’t that really the kind of world you’d like to see too? Wouldn’t you like to be able to rejoice in the fact that animals are free and living in their natural environment without being threatened by human beings? Wouldn’t you like to experience animals’ co-existence with human beings as a voluntary partnership, without us dominating or using them?

A vision that can become reality

This is a vision. But it’s also an achievable reality. It’s our choice to participate in the exploitation or not. We can create a different reality to the one our fellow creatures suffer under today.

The reality is that people eat animals. People hurt animals. Animals are killed for clothes. Animals are killed for make-up. Animals are killed for entertainment. That’s the reality.

But how realistic is our ”reality”? Meat consumption causes environmental destruction, serious lifestyle-related illnesses and food shortages in other parts of the world. Animal research is more of a protection for companies that don’t want to take responsibility for harm caused by their products than it is a protection for people’s lives and health. Entertainment which harms animals has no defence other than our own ignorance and indifference. Our “reality” cannot survive if we want a world based on reason, long-sightedness and the knowledge we have about animals and the environment.

A world for all beings

So how distant is our vision of a world where animals can live good lives in freedom? It’s no more distant than we ourselves let it be. If we believe that a world where animals are our slaves is the most realistic, we ourselves are contributing to holding back progress. But if we think that the way people think about animals can be changed, we are contributing to making things different. If we expect people to be able to respect animals, we influence other people in ways that make it easier for them to do just that. If we choose to act out such a view in our everyday lives, we create an alternative example that people can follow. If we talk about animals as valuable living creatures, we make these kinds of ideas more and more normal.

Visions exist to be realised. NOAH invites you to play your part in creating the kind of world that most of us, in our heart of hearts, want to see – a world where animals can live free, natural lives.