NOAH is an organisation that always promotes the animals’ case and is never satisfied with compromises at their expense.

We see that animals want to live, and believe that they should not therefore be killed. We see that animals want to develop, and believe that they therefore need freedom. We see that animals seek out happiness, and believe that they therefore need to be allowed to live and develop in accordance with their nature. Animals do not exist for human use. They exist to live their own lives. This is why NOAH works against all exploitation of animals.

From ideas to action

NOAH was started in 1989 by a group of activists with experience from national and international environmental and animal rights work. Today NOAH has over 6000 members and active supporters committed to promoting NOAH’s message of respect for the lives of animals. There are local groups in most of the larger Norwegian cities, in addition to working committees and campaign groups that bring together NOAH activists throughout the country, co-ordinated by a central office and executive committee. NOAH’s activities are based on the idealistic commitment of individual volunteers, professional and thorough work and, not least, a solid, well thought-out foundation in animal rights philosophy.

In all areas – for the animals

grisAnimal rights activism is something anyone can participate in, regardless of age, occupation, or background. NOAH exerts influence at all levels and on all groups in Norwegian society. We meet with politicians and influence changes in the law. We arrange high-profile demonstrations to attract the media’s attention to animal rights. We distribute information and talk to people on the street. We hold conferences and give talks at schools, colleges and universities, write articles, demonstrate, and save individual animals.

NOAH liases with and participates in various officially appointed consultative groups and committees related to animal welfare, and has one member on the Norwegian Council for Animal Ethics.

NOAH is politically and religiously independent. We do not receive any government support. Our work is financed by income from our members, other contributions, and our own efforts.

Broad international co-operation

NOAH co-operates widely with animal rights organisations in other countries. We have carried out a number of joint campaigns with other Scandinavian, European and international organisations. NOAH is a member organisation of international networks such as the Fur Free Alliance and is the contact organisation for InterNICHE, an organisation that works against the use of animals for experiments in teaching.

But NOAH is first and foremost an organisation for people who want a world free from animal exploitation. And who want to be part of achieving such a world as quickly as possible.

Support us

Your support can help NOAH stop the exploitation of animals. By becoming a member of NOAH, you’re adding your voice to the many others calling for animal rights. By becoming a member of NOAH, you’re telling the politicians NOAH influences that we speak for you when we demand rights for animals. You’re telling the industries that exploit animals that you care about the lives of animals and that they can’t make money from others’ suffering without opposition.

Membership of NOAH is for people who are on the animals’ side, and who want to contribute to making the world a better place for our fellow creatures. With your help, we can grow and become stronger. You can also support NOAH by making individual donations to our campaigns – every krone means greater opportunities to get results for the animals. By becoming one of NOAH’s Business Friends, and advertising in NOAH’s Ark, your company can help to save the lives of animals, as well as giving your company an animal-friendly profile. Or perhaps you could grant one of the wishes on our wish list… The more resources NOAH has, the more animals we can do something for – your help is invaluable. NOAH’s work is dependent on people who care, and who follow up their feelings with action!

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Human beings' kinship with other animals is fundamental. Like us, other animals want to live and to develop. They want to experience joy and avoid pain. NOAH works for a society that respects all animals - a society in which the power to exploit does not give the right to exploit.