Protester mot den blodige ullindustrien

Sauer på marked

”Ull er best”, er slagordet til den australske ullindustrien. Men den blodige og bestialske sannheten om Australiasull- og kjøttindustri lar seg ikke lenger skjule bak tomme fraser.

La din stemme bli hørt i kampen for å hjelpe sauene i Australia! Send protester til australske myndigheter og Australias ull- og kjøttindustri, og send samtidig en oppfordring til norske bedrifter som kjøper merino-ull fra Australia om å stanse denne uetiske handelen.

Skriv til Australske myndigheter:

Landbruksdepartementet –

Statsminister Kevin Rudd (kontaktskjema) –

Australias ull- og kjøttindustri –

Forslag til brev:

Please notice that people all over the world are waiting for an immediate ban on the gruesome mulesing practice, as there already are alternatives available. t is immoral and unacceptable to continue this painful practice in 2-3 more years, which will involve millions of more lambs. According to science, the mulesing wounds have been found unhealed for 22 – 30 days, and the psychological stress inflicted on the animals, including fear for the workers who have mutilated them, may last as long as 113 days after mulesing. The pain, terror and fright experienced by each individual of the millions of lambs subjected to this torture, indicates the currant need for an immediate ban. Mulesing is a shameful spot on Australia, which may affect the continent for a long time, unless you respond to the world’s outcry.

Another current issue is the annual shipping of 6 millions sheep and hundreds of thousands of cattle to the Middle-East for ritual slaughtering. This means a terrifying journey for several weeks and even months, where about 1000 sheep dye on each trip, some of them by being grinded alive. The survivors experience horrible treatment when they arrive their destination. Video footages document how workers are brutally hitting and kicking the exhausted animals, dragging them by their eares and legs and throwing them into vehicles, causing their fragile bones to break, and finally killing them by slitting their throats. To see these poor creatures confused and sad expression, as they are illtreated their way through life, never shown any regard or kindness, and finally dying in a blood-pool – is so heartbreaking that it should attract anyone’s compassion and outrage. How can the agriculture departement let this happen to thousands of animals every single day, and continue the abuse for years and decades, without understanding that this is terribly wrong?

Please act for these animals now – they need it so much! Please put a ban on mulesing and live animal export and strengthen the laws to protect animals from suffering. Australia would benefit from this.

I look forward to your reply.

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