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Tyrefekting – skriv til viktige personer!

Nedenfor er det samlet adresser som er linket til de ulike typene av overgrep som okser utsettes for.  Bruk helst egne ord, det har best effekt.  Eller kopier standardbrevet og lag din egen overskrift:

I am appalled and disgusted by the cruelty that takes place when bulls are tortured and murdered for fun during bullfights and blood fiestas.  This senseless animal abuse can never be justified by tradition, culture, religion or entertainment.

Every year, approximately 250.000 bulls are tormented and killed on arenas in Europe and Latin-America.  They suffer a prolonged, agonising death, tortured by lances and banderillas, repeatedly stabbed, and many still alive when they have their ears and tail cut off for trophy.  Prior to the fight they are intentionally debilitated by tranquillizers, laxatives and beatings to the kidneys, they have petroleum jelly rubbed into their eyes, are kept for hours in darkness without water and are finally harpooned before they are forced into the arena.  This is not an equal match, but a regular slaughter of an animal that has no chance to escape.  Also horses are victims of this cruel sport.  Hundreds of them are injured and killed, they are drugged, blindfolded and have their vocal cords cut, to spare the public from the sound of their screams when they are gored.

The sadistic blood fiestas, often dedicated to saints and silently accepted and even supported by the Catholic Church, is another way of torturing animals.  Many of these fiestas – like “Toro de Jubilo”, “Toro de la Vega”, “Coria’s bull” and “Farra do boi” – involves immense suffering, often for hours, until the relief of death.  In these fiestas the whole village often participates in torturing the poor animals to death.

Opposition to animal cruelty is growing worldwide. Bullfights and blood fiestas are degrading spectacles, a remnant of middle age barbarism, that have no place in a civilized society.  Please be aware of the close link between violence towards animals and violence towards people, and how legalized animal cruelty is demoralizing people and brutalizing society.

I beg you to do what you can to help the innocent victims of bullfights and blood fiestas, and thus contribute to end an era of unspeakable cruelty, and restore respect for and kindness to animals.  Please remeber that these gentle beings, who never harm us, unless they are forced to fight for their lives, feel fear and pain the same way as we do, and that their suffering is equal to ours.

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